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Are You A Star Gazer?

starsYou know how a tradition in many families is that when it is Your birthday, the older family member relate a story to what they remember about when You were born. These are always very fun stories to listen to. (Especially if it is about You!)

In the second chapter of Matthew, we have a great story about one of the events that surrounded Jesus birth.

You see, the family of Jesus was visited by a group called Magi. That is like high ranking government officials. Back in that day, if You were important You were probably part of the government.

Well a group of these officials, Magi, headed for Israel when Jesus was born. You know, like the recent event in England. The wedding of Prince William to Lady Kate. Officials from all over the Globe attended that event.


This Never Happened To Me, How About You?

kidsIn the 1st Chapter of Matthew, the writer, Matthew, verse 1 uses the first seventeen verses to explain what family linage of  Jesus. In this passage, we see the Family Line of Joseph. In the Book of Luke Chapter 3, starting at verse 23, we will see the Family Line of Mary. King David was the “GrandFather” of both of them, through two different Sons of David: Solomon was the Family Line for Joseph, Nathan was the Family Line of Mary.

Joseph was the Father on Earth that had the responsibility of raising Jesus.


What Do I Do To Be Saved?

crossYou know this is a question that has been asked for 2,000 years! Other questions are “Why am I here?”, “What should I do when I grow up?” You know what I am talking about! The “Questions”!

Well, we know the answer to the first question: “What must I do to be saved?” Let me tell You a story!

Paul was very important in terms of the Bible! He wrote over half of the New Testament. He was NOT one of the original Disciple of Jesus (today we would call those Guys Jesus’ BFF’s!). Paul studied at the Best School available at the time — like our Harvard, Stanford, Yale. He was on the fast track to be “The Religious” Leader of the time.

This story is in Acts chapter 9 about Paul the Apostle. After Jesus died on the Cross, the result of that was we are able to be reconciled to God through His sacrifice on the Cross.

Paul was on a trip from Jerusalem to Damascus.


Matthew Chapter 1

It is interesting to watch what happens at this time of the year. We are beginning Summer.  Plans for Summer are magnificent.  Trips, excursions, visitors from “back home” and family time.  This is a time fun and a great part of the year .


So What is Important?

In this amazing universe, do we have a way to know what is important to God? Of course we do!